Universal Compost – Gunnedah NSW Australia


Universal Composts Pty Ltd


Gunnedah NSW Australia

Input materials:

Input 6,500 ton per annum; green waste, manure, agricultural waste

Amount of MAF units ordered:

6 MAF Units


Highest quality soil conditioner, humified compost

Previous production problems:


Reasoning for conversion to MAF:


Results and conclusions:

Universal Composts is located in one of the biggest agricultural areas of Australia. In an effort to move away from the detrimental effects of chemical fertilizer the managing director, Patrick Hennessy, had long ago conceived of the idea to produce compost for farm land applications. When he spoke to MAF about the production of “humified compost” he mentioned the significant energy requirements and costs associated to wear and tear on equipment. This was based on the standard industry recommendation for properly aerated humified compost which suggests utilization of a windrow turner to turn the compost each and everyday. In reality, all this does is mix the material since oxygen levels are quickly depleted by the anerobic processes within the material. The only solution is to maintain airflow within the compost. Thus, the MAF aeration model of “move the air through the compost instead of moving the compost through the air” became the logical solution for Universal Composts.