• Oxygen levels maintained throughout static pile.

  • Compost heap can be piled as high as 3.5 metres.

  • Material handling made easy.

  • Master unit with 2 sub units in operation.

  • MAF Mobile Areated Floor

  • MAF makes great compost.

  • Enriched soil by composting.


  • MAF is a modular aeration composting system
  • Unlike other systems of composting where continuous turning of the material is required, MAF works on a ‘static pile’ principle
  • The Modular Aerated Floor system (MAF) pushes air through the compost material rather than turning the compost material through the air
  • The MAF design and engineering provides complete control over the composting process achieving high quality finished product due to structured stages of maturation
  • The system is ‘modular’, therefore totally flexible to fit within any given site requirement or material process