How does MAF work

Aeration pipes are positioned on the ground and connected to air supply units. A typical module consisting of a master unit and two sub units will provide an Aerated Floor for a 1500 m³ static pile and will take about 30 minutes to setup. The configuration and number of modules required is matched to the size of the operation and available surface area.

Prepared raw material is then loaded over the aeration pipes to a maximum height of 3.5m. Forced aeration volume controls are adjusted to the appropriate settings on the master supply unit. Optionally, the MAF (Mobile Aerated Floor) system can be equipped with automatic process controls for temperature, oxygen, electronic data transfer and computer aided systems management.

Uniform distribution of air is achieved through the exacting specifications of the MAF components and by controlling the periodic injection of forced air in the static pile windrow.

When it is time to transfer the material to the next composting stage (or to the shredding or sieving plant), the MAF aerated floor is quickly and easily disassembled and removed. The aeration pipes are simply pulled out from under the compost by a quick connect coupling assembly. This arrangement permits unlimited reuse of the air supply pipes.

The entire dismantling procedure takes only twenty minutes (MAF system installation for a 1500 m³ aerated static pile). The front end loader now has unhindered access to the compost heap.