Peats Soil – Adelaide, South Australia


Peats Soil and Garden Supplies


Adelaide, South Australia

Input materials:

60,000 ton per annum; municipal green waste, chicken manure, wool mfg. residue, liquid waste from food industry

Amount of MAF units ordered:

18 MAF Units


mainly fresh compost for agricultural use

Plant status prior to installation of MAF system:

Open windrows turned by windrow turner.

Current operational systems:

open triangle windrow composting, six aeration units undergoing initial evaluation

Previous production problems:

  • Elevated odour emissions
  • Maturation issues
  • Material handling costs.

Reasoning for conversion to MAF:

Potential for increased production capacity, odour reduction, and improved quality of finished product.
Demonstrate effectiveness of MAF system to EPA (environmental protection authority) to facilitate approval of operating permit for new plant.

Results and conclusions:

Evaluation period not completed. Initial findings are promising.

Update: September 2010

After extensive testing, Peats Soil and Garden Supplies have determined the MAF composting system is right for the job. An additional order for 12 units have been delivered to the Dublin composting operation along with a MAF Power Management Plant.
As grid power supply is not economically feasible at this site, the MAF power supply is designed to run from a small 9 KVA generator. The generator provides the base load while the MAF custom designed inverter system handles the peak loads from deep cycle battery banks. The cost effectiveness of running the entire MAF system (12 units) from a small generator coupled to a MAF Power Management Plant cannot be overstated.
With a current total of 18 units, Peats Soil and Garden Supplies have shown a major commitment to adopting the MAF Composting Systems’ technology. We are confident they will be placing more orders in the near future as plans for each of their three operations come up for review.