C-Wise – Perth


C-Wise (Formerly Custom Composts)


WA Australia

Input materials:

Green waste bio-solids, bark, wood chips agricultural waste, various liquid wastes.

Amount of MAF units ordered:

14 Master units
21 Sub units


High grade composts and mulches.
Plant status prior to installation of MAF system:
Open windrows turned by windrow turner.

Previous production problems:

Owing to rapid growth experienced by C-Wise, management opted to increase the capacity of the plant without effecting the quality of finished product. After considerable investment in surface preparation on additional land it was determined the current open windrow turning process would not meet expected expansion targets.

Reasoning for conversion to MAF:

Expansion of capacity with a marked improvement in quality of finished product.
Reduce material handling, windrow turning, and associated costs while increasing production volumes and productivity.

Results and conclusions:

In late 2009 the decision was made to convert large parts of the operation to the MAF composting system. This was justified by the savings in fuel and maintenance costs incurred by the frequent use of the windrow turner. The management decided to purchase 30 MAF units. Upon installation (July 2010) on a perfectly prepared site with motivated professionals, it was soon apparent the MAF system would dramatically reduce the demand on surface area requirements over the existing operational model.
C-Wise is the distributor in Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand for the MAF Composting System.