Grube - Bremerhaven, Germany


Plant status prior to installation of MAF system:

Three in-vessel rotating drums utilized for initial treatment. 1.6m high triangle windrows under roof cover for final treatment.

Previous production problems:

  • Aggravated odour emissions leading to complaints from local residents and business
  • Inefficient material handling leading to volume reductions and delays
  • Viability of process at risk from new national legislation
  • Local authority threatens withdrawal of operating permit in 2007 for failure to comply

Reasoning for conversion to MAF:

  • Significant odour reduction
  • Extension of operating permit beyond 2007
  • Ensure future viability of process with compliance to governing regulations
  • Reduce material handling and increase production volumes in a timely manner

Results and conclusions:

  • Reduction of odour emissions falling well within government regulations
  • Operating permit extended beyond 2007
  • Significant improvements in both material handling and production volume
  • In-vessel system rendered obsolete (permanently shutdown)