In January 2011 Biocycle Magazine mentioned the Power Management Solution supplied to Peat’s Soil by MAF:

Willunga, South Australia
When Peter Wadewitz of Peats Soil and Garden Supplies in Willunga wanted to build a composting facility in a remote area with no electrical supply, he turned to Martin Hauke of Hauke-Erden in Remseck, Germany for assistance. Almost 20 years ago, Hauke had been tasked by his company, a producer of soil and garden supplies, to improve and increase compost production – while also facing a temporary facility relocation. “To increase capacity, we needed to get away from small triangle windrows that required frequent turning,” recalls Hauke. “I knew injecting air into the heap would be more economical than compost containment solutions such as in-vessel systems. And because our facility would have to undergo relocation, the system would have to come with us. This set of circumstances led to the development of the mobile aerated floor (MAF) composting system.” The floor can be placed on almost any level ground; individual units are linked together to increase processing capacity as needed. When it is time to transfer the material, the system can be disassembled and removed, with aeration pipes pulled out for later use.

Wadewitz had purchased six MAF units for evaluation in April 2008. A series of tests and trials were conducted with differing compositions to determine the effectiveness of the system. Wadewitz eventually ordered another 12 units but the intended site was isolated and had no power supply. It wasn’t cost-effective to run the aeration system on a dedicated generator; peak loads when the induction motors start would require a generator load capacity up to the task, which meant a significant fuel bill. The solution was to utilize large deep cycle batteries in combination with high performance inverters (to briefly supply peak loads) while a small efficient generator maintains the average load (and recharges the batteries). The power unit is housed in a compact weatherproof mobile cabinet.